I can produce any written content you require for any type of project, tailored to suit your requirements for subject matter, formatting, length, tone, and audience. Here are, however, some particular service specialties Privateer offers.

Campaign and advocacy materials
With over 15 years experience working on national and international advocacy campaigns, I can develop content for effective print materials to get your message across: press releases, editorials, letters to government officials, brochures, content for social media, posters, etc. I know what to say, how to say it well and, just as important, what not to say.

Anyone can be a great orator like Obama. I can help you raise the level of your rhetoric. Whether it’s a short statement in the House of Commons or a keynote speech to your organization’s annual meeting, let Privateer put the words in your mouth.

As an additional service, I can provide some personal coaching on your delivery – tips and tricks on breathing, projection, movement and other aspects to round out your presentation.

Web site content
The best web site design in the world will still fall flat if the content is too long, poorly written and full of errors. I have training and experience in best practices for web writing. When your site design is done, let Privateer fill in the words.

Project management
For big projects like annual reports, or ongoing projects like newsletters, I can shepherd your publication through from beginning to end, working with staff, clients, translators, graphics designers, and printers.

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